20+ Years Experience & Trusted Network Partners Worldwide in Linux & FOSS

Progressive Interactive Pvt. Ltd was formed with a vision to explore in the field of Linux & Foss. We excel in the field of Industrial consultancy – IT & Non IT, For technology and manpower support. In today’s competitive world every business depends on web technologies and Progressive Interactive plays a vital role in offering eSports various solutions and support CS:GO system to its reputed clients through a network of professionals in its team.

https://esportsbett.co.uk/ are a group of professionals, and have at least one expert in each industry associated with us. This is our core strength, our aim is to transform the Indian education (IT & Non-IT) sector by providing expert training & services.

We have 3 wings spreaded across

a) Job Guaranteed Training
We offer job guaranteed training based on linux & foss platforms. This training is for a duration of 6 Months & is one of the best course to get the industrial knowledge as well.

b) Skill Development Training
Progressive understands Individual/Corporates unique requirements and based on that we train on specialized skill sets development. (e.g. – PHP, Apache, MySql, Networking etc.)

c) Corporate/Industrial Training
We train as per your custom modules requirements based on Linux/FOSS. We also conducts behavioral & stress management training for the Corporates.

d) Colleges Special Training
We have a special kind of training program for schools/colleges for their students who are with IT or Non-IT for getting the correct career path & achieve the success in this competitive world.

Progressive Interactive provides consulting services to companies for their existing IT infrastructure & explore best possible solutions. Progressive Interactive is already a very well known & established name in the field of Aviation, Hotels, Accounts, IT & Banking sector, where we have provided the best possible consulting solutions to companies based on their unique requirements. Seeing the way industries are growing,Progressive Interactive is accepting challenges to provide best possible solutions.

We are also utilizing our expertise of training & consulting into core development using top of the line technological platform like Linux/FOSS.

linux & foss.