We are a firm believer in sharing the world which is flourishing with the technology innovation, and what else better than Open Source Software. So here are the technologies that we have adopted to serve industries.
We work totally on open source software. Open source ventures give enormous chances to engineers to share and learn through joint effort. Discover associates for your undertaking or join a current exertion. Commitments aren’t constrained to code, effective open source ventures require a different scope of aptitudes.

  • The technology that we use (Linux/FOSS)
  • Strengthen IT Infrastructure Security
  • Cost effective solutions due to Open Source Technology
  • On time delivery & prompt consulting solutions
  • Everything under one roof (Networking/Security/Web)
  • Preventive measures to protect company infrastructure
  • On the go reporting solutions for work

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What is open source software ?

Open source is software whose source code is accessible for change or improvement by anybody.

“Source code” is the a portion of programming that most PC clients absolutely never see; it’s the code PC developers can control to change how a bit of programming—a “project” or “application”— works. Developers who have admittance to a PC system’s source code can enhance that project by adding components to it or altering parts that don’t generally work accurately.

What’s the contrast between open source software and different sorts of software ?

Some product has source code that can’t be altered by anybody however the individual, group, or association who made it and keeps up elite control over it. This sort of programming is habitually called “exclusive programming” or “shut source” programming, since its source code is the property of its unique creators, who are the main ones lawfully permitted to duplicate or alter it. Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop are case of restrictive programming. Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize restrictive programming, PC clients must concur (as a rule by marking a permit showed the first occasion when they run this product) that they won’t do anything with the product that the product’s creators have not explicitly allowed.

Open source programming is distinctive. Its creators make its source code accessible to other people who might want to view that code, duplicate it, gain from it, adjust it, or offer it. LibreOffice and the GNU Image Manipulation Program are case of open source programming. As they do with exclusive programming, clients must acknowledge the terms of a permit when they utilize open source programming—yet the lawful terms of open source licenses vary drastically from those of restrictive licenses. Open source programming licenses advance joint effort and sharing since they permit other individuals to make alterations to source code and consolidate those progressions into their own tasks. Some open source licenses guarantee that any individual who adjusts and after that imparts a system to others should likewise share that project’s source code without charging a permitting expense for it. At the end of the day, PC developers can get to, perspective, and change open source programming at whatever point they like—the length of they let others do likewise when they share their work. Truth be told, they could abuse the terms of some open source licenses on the off chance that they don’t do this.